Branding is at the heart of everything we create, and a beautiful logo is only a small part of the culture, message and ‘world’ we help to conceive when we work with your company.

Although logo design goes hand in hand with branding, the two are not the same. Your brand is the imagery, content and voice that consistently flows throughout your business, inspiring trust, loyalty, excitement and curiosity. At its heart, branding is an emotional experience which speaks to all the senses, captivating the people for whom your message, and ethos, resonates on the deepest level.

Too many businesses overlook the potential of what a well thought out, innovative brand identity can accomplish, and settle for just a logo. Here at Utter Creatives, we have the experience, passion and flair to combine colour psychology, imagery, content, type, space, tone and much more, to ensure that your company has a unique voice that is new, fresh and distinct from its competitors.

Based in the Lancaster and Morecambe area, Utter Creatives are experts in tapping into what makes your company different, and combine expertise in every area of design and marketing to express your brand in a way that creates recognition, understanding and personal connection.