Creating a caring brand

Caring Professions are a national company who previously traded under StudentMidwife.NET and StudentNurse.Net. There aims are to offer a plethora of support in as many subject areas as possible to those who want to work or train in the care sector in a professional capacity. To be recognized globally as the best place to learn, succeed and grow in the caring professions sector and to provide outstanding support, advice, resources and training to help nurture the leading care professionals of tomorrow’.

StudentMidwife.NET and StudentNurse.Net brand had lost it's way over the years, and no longer reflected the dynamic, energetic and caring company they'd become and although already popular within Universities and Hospitals nationwide, they needed a brand that reflected them better.

We wanted to create something which was as dynamic and fun as they are, and that reflected their passion for the wide range of caring industries.

The brand was then rolled out across their forums and marketing literature.