Brand Identity

Your branding isn’t just a logo, marketing materials or tagline, it is your business’ personality and your companies character. Without a strong brand in place, your company is invisible.  Branding is crucial when creating an immediately recognisable identity that not only sets you apart from your competitors but adds value to your business.

Branding and Brand Identity

Branding and brand design is at the heart of everything we do, and although a logo design goes hand in hand with branding, the two are not the same. Your brand is a number of things which include the imagery, content and voice that consistently flows throughout your business, inspiring trust, loyalty, excitement and curiosity.


At Utter Creatives we will work with you to develop a brand identity which appeals with your audience, whilst also telling your brand story and values. Whether your current brand needs a refresh, or you’re launching a brand new business, we have the skills and knowledge to build a solid and powerful brand identity that will set you apart from your competitors.