Why your business should invest in Social Media Graphic Design

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If you’re here reading this, you’re probably looking for an answer to the question;

“Does my business need professional social media graphics?”

Well in short, YES.

Let me tell you why…

Effective social media graphics connect to your customers through eye catching, memorable
visuals that are suited to you and your brand identity.

Think about how many people use social media, whether they’re outwardly searching for your
services or they remember you down the line, it’s your social media presence that is going to
play the biggest role in sticking in someone’s mind.

Consider some of your favourite brands, what made you follow them and what is it that’s made
you stick around?

What is Graphic Design in Social Media?

Graphic design is more than just aesthetics, it drives the connection between your brand and
your audience, and can increase brand visibility and sales.

Although consumers do love aesthetically pleasing content too!

Digital marketing has been given a new lease of life with the growing influence of graphic
design, it’s an integral tool to increasing a companies brand recognition and should not be

Examples of Social Media Graphics:

  • Feed Posts – I.E Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn images that are posted straight onto the feed.
  • Story Posts – Graphics posted on Instagram/ Facebook stories.
  • TikTok/ Instagram Reels.
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Gifs
Why your business should invest in Social Media Graphic Design Utter Creatives

Businesses use Graphics to:

  • Build relationships.
  • Inform consumers.
  • Engage new and existing customers.
  • Persuade consumers to buy their products.

Social media graphics can be used across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and pretty
much any social media platform you can think of!

A brand that uses social media graphics successfully is Spotify, they integrate their branding
seamlessly into social media graphics, and create engaging content that viewers can actively be
involved in.

For example; sharing relatable memes, or using on trend topics as a basis for their graphics
which was the case recently when Rihanna played the halftime show at the superbowl. Spotify
were straight on it, creating content relating to the number of streams she’d achieved in the hour
after her performance which accumulated thousands of likes.

Is Graphic Design important for any business?

In short, yes.

Graphic design is able to optimise any marketing efforts across multiple platforms, as long as
they’re consistent and relevant.

Social Media graphics are able to boost your brands online presence, and build visual links
between your brand and your customer. It also makes your content more engaging, meaning
people are more likely to stick around!

As well as this, graphics are able to drive your brands consistency, and keep your brand identity
on point. Posts with graphics usually gain more engagement than posts including only text.

No matter what your business is, it’s always worth putting the effort into the visual element of
your brand!

Why your business should invest in Social Media Graphic Design Utter Creatives

Why Should I Invest in Professional Graphic Design?

“I can just do it myself!”

“I don’t have the budget for that!”

These are sentences we hear businesses say all the time.

It is possible to do your graphics yourself, but having a professional do it with the knowledge of
how to create engaging content is what will make a real difference to your brand, and the results
that you get from social media.

As well as this, your social media is something to invest in, as when done right, your sales have
the potential to sky rocket!

Trust the professionals, we know what makes new customers, and keeps them staying.

Click here to view the services we offer, and read about how we can help your business flourish – https://uttercreatives.co.uk/whatwedo/

Why your business should invest in Social Media Graphic Design Utter Creatives

Be Consistent

Just like anything else in branding, your graphics should remain consistent to your brand!

This doesn’t mean continuing to recycle the same content time and time again though, it means
keeping your content fresh, interesting and relevant whilst also staying true to who you are as a

What works for other brands may not work for you, and vice versa. It’s about knowing your
audience, and staying consistent to who you are.

Being consistent with marketing materials allows your brand to be easily recognisable, which
creates brand loyalty, keeping customers coming back. If your brand is consistent, it allows
customers to easily remember and recognise your brand.

Humans are emotional creatures, and when people remember your brand, they’re more likely to
trust your brand, resulting in them purchasing from you time and time again.

To conclude, using graphic design in your brands social media pages is what will elevate your
business to a whole new level.

Brands that use graphic design effectively are able to boost their online presence, and build
better customer relationships, keeping existing customers and gaining new ones.

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