Branding for Energy Companies

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Branding for an energy company in today’s climate is going to be challenging.

Everything about the brand needs to scream reliable, accessible and sustainable.

In a world where everything is more expensive (Energy being one of the biggest costs people now face), it is going to be so important to get your brand message and identity right.

Not only this, but when branding an energy company, there is no physical product to brand, it is all based around the company itself and how they portray themselves.

Luckily though, the key elements of branding remain largely the same.

What do consumers value from energy suppliers?

Energy affects every aspect of consumers lives, it heats our homes, powers our devices and allows our vehicles to run.

It is an absolute necessity in every person’s life yet it is now a great expense for most people.

Customers expect reliability and accessibility, meaning it is important to efficiently run a business with reliable means of the customer being able to contact the company if something goes wrong.

This needs to be effectively shown within the company’s branding in order to gain consumers’ trust.

For example, Octopus Energy consistently pushes the message that they are the only ‘Which?’, recommended energy supplier.

This then builds consumer trust as they see that other customers have recommended them.

They also do a great job in being accessible with a simple, easy to use website with shortcuts for common problems, and a very responsive email and phone number.

Over the last year, energy prices have increased but so have customer expectations.

It is more important now than ever for companies to appeal to consumers by being relatable with their marketing tools, pushing the idea that they are there to help in times of need.

This can be achieved through advertising that is centered around customer service and welfare.

The Future is Green!

The demand for sustainable and renewable energy has increased over the last few years.

With pressure from the government’s net zero targets and general customer expectation that everything is more environmentally friendly increasing, it has become essential for energy companies to prove they’re striving for a greener future, possibly through their usage of energy powered through renewable sources.

British Gas promote themselves as pushing for a more environmentally friendly approach to energy production, with their tagline being, ‘looking after your world’.

Meaning, it might be a smart idea to have a part of your branding that focuses on renewable energy.

What makes your Energy different?

What is different about your energy company?

Whilst companies supply energy in similar ways, it is possible to brand your energy company through a unique customer experience.

Whether this is renewable energy as previously mentioned, or creating a secure environment where customers feel listened to, it is a good idea to have a certain element that your branding focuses around.

Whatever it is that makes your brand stand out, your brand mission and values need to underpin this.

This principle applies to energy and utility providers around the globe.

By creating a brand promise that reflects your customers’ needs and situation, you’re better able to remain relevant and desirable within the energy market.

Let’s talk Logos

Energy logos are largely quite simplistic but recognisable, featuring a clear font choice and simple image accompanying it.

The logo you choose provides visual recognition for customers, and attaches brand reliability to it.

Where energy is concerned, it is probably better to have a simplistic image attached to it, as it tends to be how the company interacts and cares for its customers more than the aesthetic being a certain way

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