Branding for the Beauty Industry

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The beauty industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, with both local and international brands competing for precious space in our much loved makeup bags.

This is why getting your branding right is crucial. 

Despite this, there are still plenty of opportunities for beauty product businesses to thrive – but in order to stand out, your business will need a memorable and strategic brand design.

Below are five branding for the beauty Industry tips that can help your beauty company attract more customers and make more sales.

Branding for the Beauty Industry Utter Creatives

Stand out in the beauty industry

Go online and you can easily find a number of eyeliners, lipsticks, or makeup pallets across multiple brands.

Even a niche like “eco friendly beauty products” is no longer narrow enough to stand out in the crowded beauty product marketplace.


So the question that your brand needs to answer is: Why should someone buy your beauty product instead of something from another brand?


This can take a bit of  market research when looking into branding for the beauty industry (doing things like customer surveys, looking at competitors, getting reviews), but in doing so you can find your brands edge.


If your customers swear that your lipgloss is the only thing that stops their lips from cracking in winter, then you can use that messaging on your website and social media to set yourself apart.

When Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty brand, it got lots of attention due to it offering 50+ shades for its customers.

This filled a market gap and aligned with the brand’s inclusive “Beauty for All” tag line which positioned Fenty Beauty as one step ahead of their competitors.

An important element of your branding for the beauty industry strategy is establishing the brand attributes of your beauty business.

These help the personality of your brand to shine through via the packaging design, messaging, and identity.

Branding for the Beauty Industry Utter Creatives

Think about your Beauty Brands target audience

All beauty company’s content and visuals needs to be tailored to their ideal audience.

The preferences of your audience will influence the packaging design, the colours and images, and the advertising efforts you employ to get your brand in front of your ideal audience.

Where does your target audience hang out? YouTube?  Instagram?  Find out and figure out what would catch their attention and prompt them to try a new product?

We use strategic thinking to help companies acquire and delight customers.

If you need help with a brand strategy then get in touch today.

Want to find out more about how we can help with Branding for the Beauty Industry? Contact us here.

Beauty Brand Identity (Colours, Fonts, Styling, Images)

Within the first few seconds of seeing your brand identity, potential customers will make a assessment of whether they are attracted to your brand or not.

This is why getting the brand design right is crucial.

The colours you use, the styling, images and fonts included in your designs can be a major factor in whether or not your ideal customers buys your products.


Colour can make or break a design.

This is why certain colours are used in the beauty industry – white (clean and pure), pink (feminine), and light green (soothing).

Branding for the Beauty Industry Utter Creatives

Understanding how colour works and knowing how to use it is critical to a successful beauty brand design.

Humans are visual creatures — so visual, in fact, that colour plays a massive role in influencing what and how we purchase.

Many big makeup brands test the colours of things like advertisements, banner ads, and call-to-action (CTA) buttons, to see what works best.

The choice of colour in your branding has a big impact on how your business is perceived.


Fonts are also super important.

So you must choose your fonts wisely…

If a beauty company is trying to sell luxury makeup or skincare, but have used a font such as comic sans on their ad design, they will not look luxurious (there is nothing luxurious about comic sans).

From a consumer point of view, why would you believe that the beauty products were luxury, when the typeface is not

The fonts you use in your branding can have a massive effect on your marketing efforts, so it’s crucial you get it right.

Take a look at what types of fonts your competitors use, or speak to a branding specialist who can provide ideas on what would work best for your unique brand identity.


When someone wants to visit your site, they will expect to see more than just colours and fonts!

So the images you choose, both general pictures as well as photos of your products, will help them understand the tone of your brand.

If your skincare product is going for an edgy look, light airy photos in nature will probably not make sense.

Do you need help establishing your brand identity?

Contact Utter Creatives and let’s see how we can help you attract more customers with an unforgettable brand.


Branding for the Beauty Industry Utter Creatives

Visual Designs for the Beauty Industry

Once the main components of your beauty brand have been established, you can move forward with creating specific designs:

Brand identity/logo

Your brand’s logo is its face, and the right logo will not only stand out against competitors but will also make a strong first impression.

In the beauty industry, it’s super important to understand where your logo will appear, to ensure the dimensions are correct and it can scale down without losing quality.

The logo design will often appear on small printed products like mascara or lipstick – so it needs to visually stand out?

The best logos are simple and timeless.

These are the designs that will generate the best results for your beauty business.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design is crucial in the beauty industry – It is the first thing your customers will see and judge your products on, so it’s important that your product packaging captures their attention and stands out.

A famous haircare brand that has done an amazing job is John Frieda.

They have created an eye-catching, brand-appropriate, and simple to understand design.

Image source:

The Website

The website is your store front – so for a beauty brand it needs to really attract your audience and be easy to navigate.

Social Media Design

If you’re in the beauty industry, then you won’t be surprised to know that your Social Media graphics are just as important as the packaging – Social is driven primarily by visuals, so be sure to use lots of beautiful images.


Your Brand Design Agency

 Utter Creatives are a little but lionhearted agency.

We’re small enough to nurture close relationships with our clients and talented enough to compete with the big cats.

We use design and strategic thinking to help companies acquire and delight customers.

We develop long-term working relationships with our clients, meaning we deliver a much more personal service than many other agencies.

We don’t over-complicate or over-explain our services.

Our clients want their brands and products to look amazing, and we use creative design and thinking to make that happen.

We avoid using fancy design terms or fluffy accounts of our offering.

Instead, we keep our services straightforward. 

Fancy a chat about your brand? Get in touch today!

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