Making Your Wellness Brand Stand Out through Custom Packaging

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Wellness products in the current market are becoming more and more popular.

Because more people are becoming health conscious, now more than ever, we can expect to see even further growth for wellness products in the future.

This means that there is an increasing demand for new and innovative ideas in the wellness sector.

People are valuing these products more and therefore this is the perfect time to develop your products and brand image to gain attention from more of these health-conscious consumers.

Because the sector is growing so much it’s inevitable to expect competition.

So how do you stand out?

Despite having a great product and solid customer base, it can still be difficult to make yourself noticeable against competitors.

One way to get past this and stand out against competitors and innovate your brand is to invest in custom packaging.

Why Custom Packaging?

Personalization is a growing trend in all sectors but especially in the wellness industry.

Current consumers want brands that represent them as individuals, that match their values and personality.

Custom products do exactly this and that’s why many brands are incorporating this into their strategy.

The ‘unboxing experience’ of experiencing something new for the first time, adds to the overall customer experience too.

By customising your packaging, you can also add more value to your product.

Too Much Customization?

Despite custom packaging being great for targeting audiences in the wellness sector, it’s important not to go overboard.

Packaging is the first stage where customers experience your product and business, so they are making a first-impression.

When they see a product’s packaging this will majorly determine their decision on whether to purchase it or not.

If you include too much customisation and lose sight of the core of your brand, it can be confusing for consumers and they will simply click away.

That’s why, when you are deciding on the type of customization packaging to go for, start with something basic that you can test and develop in the future.

This way you can gain feedback and insights as to what works for your customers, and what doesn’t.

Where has this been done?

For example brand Skin + Me offer a personal skincare service.

This is reflected in their packaging.

The brand offers a personal blend of skincare treatment in one product, that is made up by their professional dermatologists and includes prescribed treatments you usually need to see a doctor for.

The packaging therefore is presented professionally in this way and each ‘daily doser’ is addressed to the customer e.g ‘for Olivia’ and includes information as you would see on a prescription form.

This makes the user experience more personal and also in keeping with the band values and purpose.

What to consider for your packaging design

Colour Schemes – bright colours or colours that compliment each-other can make your packaging eye-catching.

Try to enhance your product without detouring from your brand style.

Unique Graphic Images – Graphics can be very useful in portraying your brand message and voice.

Illustrations of patterns can help visually reflect your brand values and personality, making you stand out.

Sustainable Materials – Sustainable packaging is also growing at the moment, and with more health conscious consumers, ethical values are something that are probably also important to them.

Using sustainable materials will no doubt improve your reputation and make you a more respected brand that consumers trust.

All in all, designing packaging for the wellness service comes with many options to represent yourself, your brand, and your consumers.

It’s important to focus on what is core to your brand – your values and personality.

Make your packaging an extended experience of your product or service and add value to the overall customer experience.

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