How much does a pitch deck design cost?

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What is a pitch deck?

A pitch deck is a brief presentation you give to your potential clients or investors with an overview of your products, services, business plan or growth.

Whether you are targeting potential investors, customers, partners or co-founders a pitch deck is an important tool to communicate your business plan in a clear and concise manner.

It is a key tool in helping generate interest and excitement about your company or campaign.

With this document usually being the first step in your talks with investors it is important to get it right in order to impress your potential investors from the get go.

With so much riding on this document it is important that it is designed strategically to reflect your business’s vision, story and abilities.

But how much do you invest in your pitch deck?

Keep reading to figure out how much you should spend on your pitch deck, and whether it is worth getting a professional to design it for you.

What affects the cost of a pitch deck?

1. Time Limit

The amount of time you need to compile and make a pitch deck from scratch is a key factor influencing the cost of your pitch deck.

A professional designer has the ability to prepare a pitch deck in a short turnaround and to a high standard whereas a freelance designer may take longer, but the cost to produce will be less.

You have to think how much time you have to create this pitch deck, and how quickly your team can prepare the content.

2. Effectiveness

The goal of a pitch deck is to influence and impress investors.

In order to do that you need a presentation that not only effectively delivers your idea but also has the memorable ‘wow factor’.

You will need to choose a designer that can generate a creative and effective deck for your business, which may influence the price.

3. Design and Layout

The essential part of your pitch deck is making an impact with the design.

Balancing a professional design with your budget can be difficult but it depends on how much you want out of a professional service.

A professional designer has the expertise to best arrange the slides and what content will create the most impact – of course these expertise will stretch your budget.

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What options do you have?


Take on some of the work yourself and do your project yourself by using templates, however it can be risky in providing effective results.

Pay Per Slide

On the other hand, you can pay pitch deck consultants per slide.

Of course the costs of revisions and edits may add to the cost.

This way it may take longer due to the extra communication between parties,  and it can make the overall process more expensive than requesting a full pitch deck presentation if you’re not careful.

From Scratch

If you’re wanting to put a pitch deck together from scratch you’ll need:

  • Good up-to-date data from your market
  • Knowledge of designing tools
  • Ability to present your story that shows your vision

If you’re confident in these aspects, you could save a lot of money doing it completely yourself as it is totally free other than your time.

But if you’re unsure in your abilities this could be a risky option in providing any effective impact to investors.

Hiring a Freelancer

Hiring a freelancer is a mostly inexpensive solution.

Depending on the individual you go for, prices can range from £30-£250 per hour according to their skills.

It is a sound idea if you are willing and able to spend time on the hiring process.

Ensuring the freelancer you hire is proficient in design and storytelling, as well as able to meet deadlines can be a lengthy process.

If you’re looking for a pitch deck in a short time frame, hiring a freelancer may not be the best option.

Imagine having to look through countless portfolios and explain your brief to multiple potential individuals while having a tight deadline to meet – it can be a lot to fit in!

Hiring a Design Professional

If your budget is friendly enough to work to a £1000 to £4000 budget range it will enable you to hire a skillful and experienced pitch deck designer.

You can be rest assured your pitch deck is going to be a sophisticated and comprehensive presentation.

Hiring a professional will ensure your presentation is engaging, visually appealing as well as well informed with market trends, consumer demands and the investors wants and needs.

They can work to short deadlines and will most likely gain an effective impact and positive outcome.

All in All

Now you know a little more about how pitch deck costing works and what kind of options you have.

Budgeting can be challenging when trying to juggle a start up.

Creating an effective pitch deck that is going to create a strong impact and relay your vision in an engaging way could be crucial to your business plan.

Make sure you consider your options and the designers you chose – are they proficient and will they relay the right vision in the best amount of time for your brand.

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