Local Charity Branding Project with St Mary’s Hospice

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For one of our most recent projects we worked with St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston on their new Sponsor a nurse fundraising campaign.

The campaign will support nurses who volunteer their time and care to helping those affected by advancing illness have comfort, choice and dignity.

The non-profit marketing campaign was created to build more awareness about the Nurses behind the hospice and invite more donations to support these important staff.

St Mary’s hospice works with individuals and families living with illness and death within the South Lakes area.

In 2020 their ‘Hospice at Home’ helped over 300 individuals and families whilst the Family and Bereavement Support Team received 616 referrals.

With the £3.4m cost to run the hospice and services, every donation makes a difference to the critical work the hospice does.

In 2021 and 2020, 8 out of 10 patients’ care will be funded by voluntary income as the covid period has only highlighted the fragility of income streams.

“By donating a little every month, via our sponsor a nurse campaign, you can give us that degree of security which makes it easier for us to plan the care we give.” – St Mary’s Hospice

We created a unique concept behind transforming the nurses into superhero characters.

Our lead creative Dee Darcy and Lancaster based photographer Ginny Koppenhol worked together to direct the art shoot at the hospice in Ulverston.

The concept behind the campaign was to transform the nurses into superhero characters as they continue to go above and beyond for their patients.

We wanted to focus on the individual nurses by introducing fun facts, their favourite song and food to the campaign posters so that people can learn more about the faces behind the hospice.

The nurses featured on the campaign: Lauren, Rebecca, Solveig and Marie “represent everything that is best about St Mary’s Hospice”.

Local Charity Branding Project with St Mary’s Hospice Utter Creatives

“Until you experience St Mary’s you can never appreciate how perfect the place and the people are…. I take so much comfort knowing they made my dad feel relaxed, fearless and happy… I can’t thank them enough” Lauren Ball, daughter of Ian Ball

St Mary’s Hospice isn’t the only local charity that we have worked with.

We have worked on numerous projects with charities in the past including Minds Matter, Unique Kidz, Advent of Change, Barrie Wells Trust and Team Reece.

Offering our creative services on a reduced or zero cost basis is our way of giving back to the local community.

If you would like to make a donation to St Mary’s Hospice and the Sponsor a Nurse Campaign visit https://www.stmaryshospice.org.uk/donation/make-a-donation/

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